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I've always had bad experiences when going to the dentist but since I switched over it's been the best thing. I've been going to Montclare Dental for about 7-8 years, I've gotten my braces, fillings, and wisdom teeth removed with them. They have amazing receptionists and Dr. Atcha is careful when doing procedures.

- Angie G.


Dr. Atcha is one of the best dentists. He makes my experience of going to the dentist very easy. I would definitely recommend him for your dentist needs. The office is always clean and well kept. Jasmine is the Receptionist and she’s always so sweet and always does her best to work with my crazy schedule.

-Phellyn C.


I’ve been going to Montclare Dental for approximately 5 years. I’ve had a number of operations done here from root canals all the way to braces. They are really friendly people and I 100% recommend them.

-Charles A.


Great service, prompt and clean. Always helpful, Dr Atcha takes good care of his patients, has patience and great listening skills, very precise with his work. Would recommend to others. Receptionist Jasmin always warm and friendly.

-Miguel G.


Excellent service! Great customer skills and attention to detail from every staff member! Honest and trustworthy which are qualities you look for in a dentist! Great job

-Suhel G.


Like most people, I don’t enjoy going to the dentist but this is the only place I’m willing to go and believe it or not I actually enjoy going. The Dr. is great about answering questions and making me feel at ease about the entire process. My mouth has been amazingly transformed because of the skillful and patient work of Dr. Actha. I had gotten used to not smiling with my teeth showing because of tetracycline stains from when I was a kid. I was prepared to have to get veneers in order to ever have the look I hoped for bu Dr. Atcha assured me that there was an easier and less expensive way that would last longer and look just great. I trusted him and he was right. Because of him I can smile without feeling self conscious; in fact I’m proud of my smile now. I definitely recommend this place!

-Katie B.


Dr. Atcha is AWESOME! I have been coming to this place for the past 5 years, Dr Atcha is always honest and makes sure I understand what procedure I am getting done. I have recommended this place to many of my friends and they absolutely love him. This place is pretty rad, they are extremely flexible and call me to remind me of my appointments.

Note: This dentist office is family owned and many of its clients have been referred through word of mouth. The prices are great and the staff is very helpful and nice.

-Nancy L.


Been coming here for over 4 years and have had great experiences every time. Staff is always friendly and quick to get you seated and out as quick as possible

-Carmelo R.


Very friendly staff Jasmin is great at her work, Reasonable prices without insurance, doc take care of his business

-Gabriel Benavid


Love this place! Have been coming to Dr. Atcha for over 10 years and am very happy with everything about this Business. The entire Staff is so helpful and knowledgeable and go out of their way to take good care of you. The Doctor does a great job in all his work AND takes the time to talk and explain things before anything is done. In today's world, sometimes talking care of the Customer and taking the time to talk and build a relationship is a lost cause. Not here. Also, the cost's are lower than you would find elsewhere as well. That's a fact... And his Wife is such a Doll as well! What a Sweetheart! She is ALWAYS willing to help and work with you. She is a true asset to this Business :)

-Kevin O


I definitely recommend this place to all my friends, family and every one! super clean and the doctor is very professional! They explain how my insurance company works and help me to save money! Good people !




I am extremely grateful I found this place. Over the years, I've found dentists in general overcharging, insensitive, impatient, and/or don't provide the necessary attention. Dr. Atcha is a true professional who is fair in price, genuine, provides sufficient information before all procedures and gives ample tips to maintain a healthy smile and good teeth.

Definitely recommend this place for all!

-L Sharief


Going to the Dentist is like going to the Doctor, I dont want to hear the bad news, I dont want feel any pain, and I definitely don't want to pay. My experience here was great, Dentist Atcha know what he is talking about and explains what needs to be done, and walks through the experience with you, which I found to be the best thing no dentist has ever done. Good work, Great experience!! .... PS Thank You for your patience and the white teethhh!!!!!!! :D

-Swaleh Mohammed


I am a patient at Montclare Dental. As soon as I walk into the office, I see the two very friendly and ever-smiling front desk receptionists. The office is always clean and organized. Dr. Atcha might not look friendly, but he is a very honest and straight-forward person. He does not try to sell you dental procedures that you don't need in order to make money. This is true because other dentists overcharge for the work they do in their patients' mouths. Fortunately, Dr. Atcha's prices are lower compared to these other dentists. His knowledge on all sorts of work he does is excellent, informing you step-by-step on what he is doing in your mouth. Also, he lets you know what you need to do to keep your mouth in shape after he finishes doing the work. This obviously comes with his long working experience. Finally, the dental tools and equipment are very clean and neatly organized. Overall, I definitely recommend this dental office to others :).

-Saif Atcha