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Everyone deserves to have strong, healthy teeth! At Montclare Dental Inc. our first priority is to make sure that you and your family are given the very best dental care available. We offer effective and affordable dental care for families in Chicago, IL.


Our friendly clinic provides the dental care your family needs for strong, healthy teeth.

Enjoy affordable family dental services. We offer preventative dental care, including scaling and root planning by an expert hygienist. Speak to us for crowns, bridges, sealants, including molar root canals and impacted third molar extractions.

Complete care

You'll get the very latest techniques from the team at Montclare Dental Inc. All digital panoramic and bite wing x-rays are done on site. This means we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis quickly and also design complete or partial dentures.

Modern techniques

Practicing good dental habits is crucial to preventing disease and decay. Our friendly team will help your family learn and develop the right habits.

Prevention is always better than cure

Dedicated dentistry for all the family